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"Ensuring total satisfaction and an overall positive experience with the real estate process is what I strive to provide all of my clients with".


Ty Stacyszyn

Sales Representative


The truth is, I LOVE REAL ESTATE! I truly do. I am an investor in real estate, a landlord, an appraiser and most importantly, a REALTOR. I feel very fortunate every day to wake up and do the things I am passionate about and work hard to be successful at them. However, my goal is not necessarily to be known for my successes and accomplishments in the industry but rather the service I provided my clients with and the way people were treated. To me that’s what is most important. I feel with that, success will naturally follow. 

With a strong technical background and true grasp of how social media is playing a role in real estate today, I feel I give my clients a real advantage and the best chance to find exactly what they are looking for.  This industry is changing very quickly and adapting to that change and finding creative new ways to maximize exposure for my clients is important to me. Availability is also very important to me. You want to call me, my cell number is available on all of my advertising and I’m available 24-7.  Text me, call me, facebook me, whatever you prefer. If you can’t find my info, Google me. My name may be hard to pronounce, but the nice thing is, there is only one of me. Google it! 😊

And by the way, it's pronounced "STACHISHEN" 😊

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