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Have your ever heard the expression that the most qualified person to sell your home is YOU? Well....not exactly!


Let's face it. As homeowners we all feel our house is the nicest on the block and should sell for the highest price. Why? Is it because of the time, attention to detail and love that went into every decoration, paint job and upgrade? Is it because of all the great memories you and your family have had in the home? The reality is that buyers don't take those things into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase your home. And what about price? An over priced listing is the worst mistake you can make! Homes that sit on the market too long statistically don't sell or sell for less than they should have. Are you setting the price based off of what houses are listed for in the area? Do you know what those homes actually sold for and what was included in the sale for them to reach that price? Do you know how to properly prepare your house for sale on the open market? Do you know what buyers look for? Do you know what pictures to take, how many to take and from what angles? What items should be put away and what rooms should be focal points? Do you know what should and should not be included in the sale price in order to make it most appealing? The answers are likely no because like most other home owners, this is not your passion and area of expertise. Let the professionals do what they do best. Let me sit with you and show you exactly how I intend to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible.
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